A yellow field kinda day.


Wow, this weekend has just flown by. We drove down to Portsmouth yesterday to help our lovely friends Mike and Hannah move into their new flat.  On our way out of Winchester we drove past these beautiful yellow fields and knew instantly we’d have to return for pictures and exploring on Sunday.  So that’s what we’ve been doing today.  It really does amaze me that we can drive 5 minutes out of the city and be in a place like this, we could see fields of flowers for miles and miles.  We also used Will’s DSLR camera for these pictures, I have no idea what half the functions mean and probably could do with spending some time reading the manual!  DSC_0054

^^^See that field in the back, beyond the trees?  That’s where the sun was – we were hoping it would come bless us with it’s presence a few hundred yards away.DSC_0015


^^You can’t see in this photo but Will got a few pollen stains on his navy trousers – we didn’t think this through!!DSC_0035


^^Waiting for the clouds to clearDSC_0007


^^We should clearly invest in a tripod!!  (or at least learn how to use the self timer)

Hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend!


5 thoughts on “A yellow field kinda day.

  1. Gorgeous shots – pollen stains and all!! That’s one of the things we noticed when we were in England a few weeks ago — you could go from a bustling spot to fields of nothing and no one about and it was just such a blissful feeling!!

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