We miss you Lubbum


^^^ On Lubbum’s 98th birthday

Last Friday Will’s grandma Lubbum passed away.  Although in a weird way it wasn’t completely unexpected – because she was unwell and because  98 is a fine old age (and any extra days are a complete blessing when you’re that old) – In spite of  this when Will received that phone call from his dad it was a complete shock, we thought she would get better and pull through, because, well, she always had done.

She was an amazing, strong, women whose positive attitude and kindness shone through, even on her worst days, and we are really going to miss her so so much.  For the few years I knew, she has had such an impact on me.  She taught me that age is just a number and that beneath the fragility, hopelessness and struggles old age brings, deep down you still feel the same as you did in your 20’s.  We bonded over the internet (we found an old article on the Daily Mail interviewing her), we read Sherlock Holmes, we gossiped about Princess Kate and the royals, we watched tennis (and gushed over Roger Federer), we talked about driving lessons (only £1 when she learnt) and how cool minis are (the only car she’s ever driven), we talked about jobs (she was so excited for me when I got my first job after uni) , I made her vegetable lasagna (which she loved) and an avocado salad (which she hated) and I learnt that all foods taste better with a ton of ketchup on the side.  She was so funny and caring, I doubt I will ever have a friend like her again and I  treasure the memories I have of her so much.

I know Will is very sad right now, my boyfriend is so strong but his relationship with his grandma was so sweet and special.  She was definitely the other women in his life and I wouldn’t change that for the world.  Seeing her face light up when he was talking to her was so precious – she would always say to him “What would I do without you” and beg him to leave because she couldn’t believe he would want to spend his time chatting to her.  I know she knew how much he loved her but I hope she also knew that he loved every single minute he spent chatting to her and that she blessed his (and my) life in so many ways.

We love and miss you Lubbum, see you on the other side xx


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