Sunny bank holiday in Winchester




Long weekends are the best.  We filled ours with friends, food and a lot of sunshine.

Yesterday we spent the day wandering around Winchester.  The high street and cathedral grounds were jam packed with people so we walked along the river and eventually we stumbled upon Wolvesley Castle by accident (we still feel like tourists in this city!), spent about half an hour queuing for ice cream which y’know was gone in about 2 minutes and laid about in the sun like the lazy bones’ we are.

Sometimes just taking a little while to relax and forget about life is the best medicine – sunshine, amazing company and ice cream sure do make that a lot easier to do as well.  I’ve been living with Will for nearly 2 years now and sometimes life just seems so serious and you can kinda forget to just y’know hang out without worrying about bills and rent and finding jobs.  Oh life, why are you hard sometimes!!  This weekend we could have been 16, it just felt so….carefree and easy, almost like we were on summer holidays.  Safe to say this boy is my best friend, he will even pose for selfies with me (admittedly rather reluctantly, but we’ll over look that!)

On another note I am obsessed with cherry blossom trees, they are so beautiful and make everything look so magical.  They epitomise Spring for me and I day dream of having one in my front garden one day.  I kinda visualise myself as being a green fingers gardener when I’m a “proper” grown up and have an amazing house with an amazing garden and amazing flower beds and vegetable patches and maybe a little stream running through the back…ahhh back to reality, nature is something else hey?

Hope you guys had good bank holiday weekends too (:



3 thoughts on “Sunny bank holiday in Winchester

  1. Cherry blossoms are one of the best things of all about spring (my favourite season!). And I love your sunglasses! :)

  2. What a cute couple! I love cherry blossoms trees, sadly we don’t have too many around here. I can’t wait to have my own little garden, too!

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