So I’m pretty happy :)

Hey friends :)
Well it’s fair to say I’ve been pretty excited since Friday because I got the job!!!!  Yes, I am now going to be a marketing executive for a small market research agency – this is exactly the job I wanted and I am over the moon!  Thank you everyone for the encouraging words, crossed fingers, positive thoughts and prayers. I love you all :)
For Will and I this means we are looking for a new flat as it is too long a commute from where we are now.  We are a little nervous about finding somewhere soon, especially since Will can’t take any holiday off work because he’s the only person in his team not on hols for the next two weeks!
Today has spent wandering around the shops in Basingstoke, I bought myself a pretty top from Zara to celebrate my new job but I think I could have bought nearly the whole shop – so many beautiful clothes in there at the moment!
Hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend.

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