Oh darling, today has been good!

Do you ever do something and immediately after think “well why didn’t I do this sooner”? 
Today I met for coffee with a friend that I’ve not seen for 5 whole years and really I can’t think why we hadn’t met up sooner.  I guess life just works like that sometimes.  I am so very glad that we went for coffee today and I am going not going to leave it so long next time.
Women’s Royal Naval Service move a torpedo for loading into a submarine at Portsmouth.
I’ve been looking after my boyfriends 97 year old grandma while his parents are away on holiday.  She is so lovely to me and makes me miss my own grandparents so much, she also uses really cute phrases like “Oh darling!” and “Crikey O’Riley”, old people are so cool!  She has had such an interesting life, she used to work for 20th Century Fox (known then as Fox Film Corporation) and volunteered for the Wrens during the second world war where she worked as a Royal Navy cinema operator.  I searched her name on Google and their is a 7 year old Daily Mail article interviewing her about her time as a Wren which she had no idea existed!  
Were your grandparents alive during the war?

3 thoughts on “Oh darling, today has been good!

  1. I love old people – that sounds weirder then its meant to, but like you I find their stories incredibly interesting & that they come from an era where manners were important, along with gentleman being gentleman and where fashion was at its best. That's so cool about your boyfriend's grandma! What did she do for 20th Century Fox? Plus I love the Crikey O'Riley catch phrase, shall use that in my normal conversations now :) Steph @ Stephie in Wonderland x

  2. I'm the same, I really wish I'd written down the stories my own grandparents had told me. People seemed nicer back then that's for sure! Because she is so old she can't remember many details but she worked as an assistant to the owner who she calls Freddie Fox but I think he changed his name from Fried Vilmos to William Fox – according to Wikipedia at least ;. I know she got to travel and meet some famous people though!:) Oh you should definitely start using it, I know I'm going to! x

  3. You boyfriend's grandmother sounds so cool. I love being around older grandparent, they are lovely to be around. I loved being around my grandma. She was the sweetest person to chat with. It seems like you really had a great day. Nice post!xoxoStella

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