The times they are a-changin’!

So just over a month ago the life I had been living for the past three years came to an end.  University had finished and I was officially unemployed.  This picture was taken the day I received the mark for my final year research project and found out that I had achieved a first in my degree, I was beyond happy this day :)
Now I am frantically searching for a job, my bank balance is in a very unhealthy state and it looks like I’ll have to hand in my notice for the cute little flat I share with my boyfriend.  Sometimes I panic, I don’t want my life to change, I’m really going to miss my friends and my lifestyle!  But then I am looking forward to getting a job and it’s not all doom and gloom – I’ve had 3 interviews and 2 second interviews so hopefully it won’t be long until something comes up.  I also have graduation and grad ball to look forward to :)
  I just hate not having a plan!  It freaks me out not even knowing where I’ll be living in a months time and I can’t stand the idea of being overdrawn, oh how great it would be to be carefree!

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