August update

Just thought I’d check in and share some pictures/words.
I’ve moved into a new flat and I live a walk away from the seafront – it is lovely. I’m back on track with my jogging and am now on C25K week 4. Jog 3 mins, walk for 90 secs, jog 5 mins, walk 2.5 mins, jog 3 mins, walk 90s, jog for 5 mins.
I was doing week 4 a while ago on the treadmill and really struggling to get through, I took a step back and re-started week 3 and started to jog outside. I used to hate running outside because it used to feel so much harder, but it seems to have just clicked recently and I am really really enjoying running along the sea.
I’ve also been making a conscious effort to eat healthy. This is actually such a struggle for me… I can eat really healthy for a week and then I just cave in and want to eat all of the “naughty” foods I’ve been trying to cut down on. I just love food too much :( Here’s a selection of some of the healthier foods I’ve been eating.
I feel a bit like housewife at the moment, I have no job and my boyfriend is working full time. I have a lot of free time until Uni starts back in September. I keep meaning to look at some of my uni work so I can get a head start – I mean this first I want isn’t going to come easily – but it’s so hard to stay motivated and do work when you don’t have to… or maybe I’m just lazy.
One thing I have been doing is improving my knowledge of web design. I have dabbled with a teeny tiny bit of html in the past through my course but I want to build on that so I’m teaching myself html and CSS. It is very confusing but I’m kinda getting it. Just trying improve my skill set y’know. :)
Until next time!
Becca xxxx

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