Inspirational Woman : Madeleine Wickham/ Sophie Kinsella

sophie kinsellaIntelligent, funny and talented women are always inspiring. A talented author who I have loved for a long time now is Madeleine Wickham otherwise and more commonly known by her pen name, Sophie Kinsella .

2 weeks ago Sophie revealed that she was going to be publishing a new book in the Shopaholic series called “Mini Shopaholic” in September this year. I was so excited about this news as I love these books and I thought “Shopaholic and Baby” was the final one.
The Shopaholic series is such a fun, easy read – perfect if you need cheering up. I’ve even found myself laughing out loud at some parts. The main protaganist, Becky Bloomwood is somewhat of a modern day heroine of mine – she is fun, feisty, smart, kind and ultimately obsessed with shopping! There are 5 books in total and the series starts out following Beckys life as a single financial journalist struggling to manage her own finances due to her enormous shopping habit – something I can definately relate to and I’m sure a lot of you other shopaholics can too!

Here are a 2 interview questions taken from Sophie Kinsella’s website which I thought were interesting and inspiring especially if you are an aspiring author! :)

“I was wondering why you don’t give us a physical description of Becky Bloomwood in any of the Shopaholic books (hair, eyes, height, etc.). Was this a conscious decision? If so, why? (And do you have a specific image of what she looks like in your head?)

Yes, this was a conscious decision. It’s partly because when I write Becky, it’s as though I’m “thinking” her thoughts — and I wanted to keep it as natural as possible. She might well think, “My hair looks fab today!” but she wouldn’t think “My long, auburn-coloured hair looks fab today!” (or whatever). And I really like the fact that it’s not specified: I think it means anyone can identify with her. I want my readers to feel they are inside Becky’s head, seeing the world through her eyes, not looking at her from the outside.

I do have an image of Becky — but it’s quite vague and I wouldn’t like to share it. From talking to readers I meet, I think everyone has their own “Becky” and I think that’s great!

What advice would you give to aspiring writers as to where to start? Do you have a certain story line layout that you begin with, or do you just start typing different parts of the story and piece them all together at the end? What do you find is the best time and environment to write in? What is your number one writing tip?

My first tip to writers is find an idea that REALLY excites you. You don’t have to have the whole story yet — but you have to know that this one character, idea, story or whatever will keep you interested enough to spend months or even years working at it. Of course everyone works differently — but I find it essential to plan everything out before I begin. I can spend weeks just thinking about my story, making notes, often in a coffee shop or somewhere with a bit of a buzz. When I’m actually writing, I like to start in the morning, knowing I have the whole day ahead of me. I have to be totally undisturbed, so I switch off the phones and put on thumping music to block out the world. Then I take a deep breath… put my hands on the keyboard… and log onto eBay. No. Only joking (half)”

I’ve read all of the books written by Sophie Kinsella and loved every single one of them although I haven’t read anything under her real name of Madeleine Wickham. Have you read anything by Sophie/Madeleine?

If you have read anything from the Shopaholic series, how do you picture Becky?

Personally I see her as being a fair skinned, blue eyed, brunette who is quite short and medium sized (kinda like me! LOL!)



4 thoughts on “Inspirational Woman : Madeleine Wickham/ Sophie Kinsella

  1. I couldnt agree more, she writes such amazing books!! Ive read all her sophie kinsella ones and i think they are absoulutley amazing! I ahvent read any of the madeline wicham ones yet so I will deffo soon :)

    I watched the film before I read the books :/ so kinda spoilt it really but tbh But i didnt know about her books untill the film came out t but i think the books are soo much better than the film :)

  2. Hi Nicola,
    They really are!
    I watched the film after and was a little bit let down, I like the fact that Becky's english so her being American really didn't cut it for me!! xxx

  3. I loooove the Shopaholic books! I imagine Becky to look like Isla Fisher, because my copy of the first book had the film cover (I read it before the film came out, though — which I thought was TERRIBLE, by the way!!). It's one of the most addictive series I've had the pleasure of reading! Becky's so funny and relatable. I also love that her sister's name is Jess — since that's my name, and Becke is my mom's! :)

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