Things to do on a sleepy Sunday…


♥ Learn to sing your favourite song perfectly – you never know when you might need to impress someone with your karaoke skills.

♥ Do your makeup using “unloved” products – you might rediscover a hidden gem!

♥ Paint each nail a different colour, the brighter the better- even if you only leave it on for the day it is an easy way to brighten up a boring outfit.

♥ Phone a friend who won’t expect you to call – it’s fun to suprise people :)

♥ Read a book you’ve put off starting and try to finish the first chapter even if it is hard!

♥ Make your own letter set by drawing cute cartoons on the corners of the paper and envelopes. If you’re not particuarly artistically talented try tracing instead.

♥ Make a photo montage of your favourite moments with friends on your bedroom wall :)

♥ Make peace with an ex-boyfriend/friend – lifes too short to have enemys!

♥ Save yourself wardrobe space by packing away your winter clothes and organise your spring/summer clothes.

♥ Write a review of your favourite local restaurant and post it on review sites – local restaurants cannot afford advertising like chain restaurants so they would really appreciate the effort :)

♥ Enter as many competitions as you can – there has to be a winner and it could be you! Heres one to get you started.


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